About We Are Home Buyers

Hi, I’m Grant Garab…

I am the proud co-owner of We Are Home Buyers.
As a retired Marine, I devoted over sixteen years of my life to serving our great country. In 2019, my life took an unexpected turn when I was involved in a head-on collision with a texting teenager while riding my motorcycle home from work…

Grant Talks About Probate
grant Garab and his kids and wife

Then What Happened?

This near-fatal accident profoundly altered my perspective on career goals for both myself and my family.

While confined to a wheelchair for over eight months and undergoing more than a dozen surgeries, I used my downtime to contemplate the next chapter in my life, considering the future of my wife of fifteen years and our three sons.

With retirement from the Marine Corps on the horizon and years of experience assisting homeowners with their unwanted properties as a side job, I decided to establish WeAreHomeBuyers.com.

What I believe

Grant's Mission

My primary objective is to buy and sell houses and properties in a way that benefits all parties involved. I am driven by a relentless determination to transform seemingly impossible situations into viable solutions. For me, the needs of my customers always come first. No matter the circumstance, my team and I are here to devise a strategy that addresses your real estate challenges.

At WeAreHomeBuyers.com, we take pride in working closely with our clients and forging lasting friendships along the way. We are not just a company; we are a trusted partner dedicated to finding innovative solutions for your real estate needs.

Grant garab will buy your house fast for a fair cash offer.

I commit to being fair, honest, and respectful in every interaction. I will act with integrity and never take advantage of a difficult situation. I will maintain a positive attitude and always do whatever it takes to arrive at a win-win outcome for everyone.

I believe that a person dealing with a difficult situation needs someone who can help. I promise to be there for you as I do my absolute best to truly be the solution to your real estate troubles.