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No Extra Fees. No Real Estate Agents. You sell your property straight to us.

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Skip the showings, staging, cleanup and costly repairs. Sell in weeks not months.

Some Basic Information

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What Happens Now?

Do I get a cash offer right when I submit the form?

No. We do not autogenerate cash offers. Each cash offer you receive requires research and a full understanding of the property.

How Our Cash Offer is Calculated…


After Repair Value (ARV)

This is the market value of your home after we buy and renovate your house.

Repair Costs

We estimate our costs to update the house to current market conditions

Our Selling Costs

Selling commissions, excise tax, property tax, utilities, and insurance.

Return On Investment (ROI)

This is how we pay our contractors and keep the business running.

Can I Trust You?

How do I know you’re not going to lowball me?

If we made lowball offers, we would not be in business. It is in everyone’s best interest to make you the highest possible cash offer! Our entire business is based on buying houses in Georgia. If we can’t make fair offers, then we can’t buy houses.

Grant garab will buy your house fast for a fair cash offer.

If the value you have in mind for your home is outside of our offer range, we can discuss a couple other options that may be a better fit. We have experience with creative financing, meaning we can help even when a cash offer isn’t right for your home sale.

Us Vs. Realtor

Selling To We Are Home Buyers

Selling with a Real Estate Agent


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Here's What Our Clients are Saying

Grant was easy to work with, very responsive and truly cares about the quality of work done by his contractors.
Grant was very professional. Everything was so easy and quick! Highly recommended.
Grant is very professional and easy to work with throughout the process.
The staff at We Are Homebuyers are great people that will do whatever they can to help folks with selling their house. Would highly recommend working with them.
I would recommend WeAreHomeBuyers to anybody, Grant was so helpful and patient with my mom. We had never been through selling a house before and Grant walked us through the whole process.
5 stars. grant and his team are amazing and without them I probably wouldn’t be living my dream of being a homeowner. Thanks guys for everything and if anyone out there is looking for a honest and reliable company where you are more than just a number look no further.
Grant is awesome! I have contacted him a few different times looking for available homes, and he has always been more than helpful! He truly goes above and beyond to answer all questions, and has been super knowledgeable in answering questions about my home buying needs.
I have had the pleasure of working with We Are Home Buyers on multiple projects. The attention to detail and willingness to do what is right even when it isn’t the easy or cheap thing to do is unmatched in this group. They had a home sold before completion recently and had the new owner involved in all aspects of the remodel to ensure it was what they wanted. Thank you for always being so honest and hard working!
Highly recommend We Are Home Buyers! I was in the market for a real estate investment rental house. I contacted We Are Home Buyers and Grant was extremely helpful in helping me find and purchase an investment home. Grant was able to help me find exactly what I was looking for and was able to close on the deal extremely fast. I definitely would purchase more homes through these guys again.
My husband, Don, and I sold a shop building where Don had tools stored and Grant took care of all the details. When I say all the details, I mean ALL the details! He was very professional, friendly, knowledgeable and timely. The whole process was very easy. My husband was very ill at the time, in fact he passed away 3 days after closing, and Grant was very patient with us while we were getting all the tools out. We couldn’t have asked for a smoother sell and closing. I will definitely be working with him again in the future!
I have bought Real estate from We Are Home Buyers twice now. Grant has been extremely helpful and his team has been very professional. Closings have been quick and seem less. I look forward to doing more business with them and recommend them to anyone looking to purchase real estate at a fair price. Let them go to work for you. Thank you Grant and your team
My name is Beth Palmour and my mother recently passed in August of 2021. I was given the honor of being the Executor of the Estate for my parents. Grant was WONDERFUL and had a meeting with my siblings to tell us all how it would happen. I cannot tell you how this eased our minds after we made a final decision. He was so patient with all of us and went out of his way to be of service to us. I would gladly use Grant again if we had to sell another home. He did a great job, and the closing was very easy. Thank you so much for making this process easier for us than it would have been Grant. You did a fantastic job.