The Georgia Housing Market and the Baby Boomer Influence

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Explore the profound influence of Baby Boomers on Georgia's housing market, from rising home prices to the surge in cash buyers. Discover what lies ahead.
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The housing market has always been influenced by various demographic shifts, and the current scenario is no different. The Baby Boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964, have been steering economic trends for decades. With the highest homeownership rate in the country, approximately 80%, they are now making significant waves in the housing market, especially in areas like Georgia.

Baby Boomers and the Georgia Housing Market

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Recent reports suggest that Baby Boomers’ wealth in the housing market has tripled, outpacing millennials. This generation, now entering their 70s, is choosing to “age in place,” with 85% indicating no plans to sell their homes in the next year. Their primary reason? Their current homes meet their family’s needs.

This trend is evident in the Georgia housing market, where Baby Boomers are a dominant force. Their decision to hold onto their properties has led to a tighter housing market, driving up prices and making it challenging for younger generations to find affordable homes.

Georgia Cash Home Buyers and Foreclosures

Georgia Cash House Buyers

With mortgage interest rates hovering close to 7%, the market is increasingly favoring all-cash buyers, many of whom are Baby Boomers. In Georgia, the trend of cash home buying is on the rise, with older generations leveraging their home equity to make outright purchases. This trend is not only limited to the affluent; it has trickled down to the middle class, with many Baby Boomers rolling over their housing wealth.

However, this surge in cash buying has a flip side. With rising home prices and stringent mortgage conditions, many homeowners are facing the risk of foreclosure. Georgia, like many other states, is witnessing a spike in foreclosure rates, especially among those who cannot keep up with the rising costs.

Market Correction and the Future

Experts predict a market correction on the horizon. The current scenario, where Baby Boomers hold a significant portion of the housing market, cannot last forever. As this generation ages, there will inevitably be a shift, leading to an increase in available properties.

For now, the Georgia housing market remains buoyant, thanks to the Baby Boomer generation. However, with potential market corrections, foreclosures, and the ever-evolving economic landscape, only time will tell how the housing scenario in Georgia and the rest of the country will unfold.


The Baby Boomer generation’s influence on the Georgia housing market is undeniable. Their choices, preferences, and financial prowess are shaping the state’s real estate landscape. As we look ahead, it’s essential to understand these dynamics, prepare for potential shifts, and recognize the opportunities they present. After all, understanding the past and present is the key to anticipating the future.


The Rise of Cash Home Buyers in Georgia

Anticipating a Market Correction

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