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Quiet Quitting in the Housing Market

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The term “quiet quitting” has been coined to describe an unexpected development in the US housing market. This phenomenon involves a specific group of sellers who are seemingly disappearing from the market, creating a significant impact on the overall industry dynamics. As per the reports from Fortune and Business Insider’s Phil Rosen, this trend has been observed primarily during the 2023 all-important spring season.

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Quiet Quitting: The Disappearing Sellers

One might wonder who this group of sellers are and why their absence is significant. Typically, these sellers are homeowners who were planning to upgrade – sell their current home and buy a new, often larger or more expensive one. However, they are quietly quitting the market – deciding not to list their homes for sale. This has resulted in a tight inventory, a lower number of active listings, and homes sitting on the market longer.

The Effect on the Housing Market in 2023

With fewer sellers on the market, the housing market in 2023 has witnessed a unique situation. The inventory of available homes for sale has significantly dropped. This “quiet quitting” coupled with still-high mortgage rates is making it harder for would-be buyers to find a home within their budget. Even as new homes are going up for sale, the overall inventory remains tight due to the decreased listings from this group of sellers.

The Role of Mortgage Rates

Another aspect that has contributed to this phenomenon is the mortgage rate. Mortgage rates, while not exorbitant, are still high enough to deter potential sellers from listing their homes. The fear of not being able to afford a new home, especially with the current mortgage rates, is causing many to stay put, further exacerbating the tight inventory.

Redfin’s Report and the Advantage for “We Are Home Buyers”

Last week, Redfin released a report that emphasized the tightness of inventory, a result of the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon. It suggested that potential sellers, discouraged by high mortgage rates, are hesitating to list their homes for sale. This has led to fewer options for would-be buyers and a slower housing market.

However, in these uncertain times, “We Are Home Buyers” emerges as a beacon of hope. Unlike traditional buyers who rely on mortgage financing, they purchase homes outright with cash. This approach makes the selling process quick, efficient, and unaffected by fluctuating mortgage rates or tight inventory. So, even in this challenging market, “We Are Home Buyers” remains a reliable, fast solution for homeowners looking to sell their properties.

What Does the Future Hold for US Housing?

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As we approach the midpoint of 2023, the effects of this quiet quitting on the US housing market remain to be seen. If the trend continues, it could lead to a major shift in market dynamics, potentially favoring buyers if more homes are listed for sale in the future.

However, despite the challenges, cash buyers have a unique advantage in this situation. Regardless of the condition of the property or the circumstance of the homeowner, cash buyers can expedite the process, providing a quick and efficient solution for those looking to sell. They buy houses for cash and they do it fast, offering a viable alternative in a market that is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate.

The Upward Trend of Mortgage Rates

In recent times, we’ve observed that mortgage rates keep increasing, a trend that has added another layer of complexity to the ‘quiet quitting’ scenario. As these rates climb, potential sellers become increasingly cautious. Many homeowners, who might otherwise have listed their properties, are choosing to remain in their current homes. 

This is primarily due to the financial implications of securing a new mortgage at these higher rates for their next property. This uptick in mortgage rates, thus, is fueling the reduction in new listings, tightening inventory, and ultimately influencing the dynamics of the 2023 housing market.

Fortune Insight into the Phenomenon

Fortune provided an in-depth look into this ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon, highlighting the stark change in the housing market’s all-important spring season of 2023. Citing a significant decrease in listings from would-be sellers and the effects of still-high mortgage rates, Fortune’s analysis helps shed light on the factors contributing to this unique trend in the US housing market.

Finance Factors Impacting ‘Quiet Quitting’

The realm of finance is deeply entwined with the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon. High mortgage rates have played a considerable role in this trend. With rates still high, potential sellers are hesitating to list their homes, fearful of the financial burden a new mortgage might impose. This financial deterrent is a key contributor to the tight inventory seen in the 2023 US housing market.


In conclusion, the phenomenon of quiet quitting has created a ripple effect in the US housing market. Homeowners are quiet quitting the housing market and one group of sellers will try to avoid burnout while the price of inventory and high demand remains consistent. Understanding this trend is vital for anyone involved in or following the market. While the future is uncertain, being informed can help navigate the changes more effectively.

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